In a perfect world, your team would be the cream of the crop: high-performing go-getters who are loyal, creative and passionate about their jobs. But life's not perfect, right? Well actually, in this case, it is.

Like Dave says, you can attract rock-star staffers without paying Microsoft-size salaries, and it all begins by intentionally building a great company culture where people want to work. Just like Rome, though, an awesome workplace can't be built in a day. If you haven’t done so yet, get started with the following easy-to-execute tips.

Show Them You Care

The best way to begin is by implementing one of the most powerful but simplest of policies: the Golden Rule. “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” It's one of the core principles of EntreLeadership, and it’s practiced by every person on Dave’s team.

Simply put yourself in their shoes then act the way you want to be treated. When you would expect praise, praise. When you would expect grace, give grace. When you would expect a reprimand, give it promptly and privately, because that is what you would want. Someone on Dave's team played an important role in landing a huge deal. It was outside of this team member's area, so Dave didn't have to pay him a commission. He did anyway. Why? Dave follows the Golden Rule—plus he wanted him to do it again!

Cast Your Vision

How can you fire up your team and keep them inspired? Repeatedly let them know what they are working toward. Share your vision with them early and as often as possible. In fact, Dave says it is impossible to talk about your vision too much. "When you cast a big vision, the team sees what part they play, and you are pulling people into goals instead of pushing them," he says.

Let Them Know They Matter

Everyone yearns to be appreciated, and that includes your team members. They want to know they matter. One of the easiest ways to show how much you value them is by recognizing them. Make a habit of catching people doing something right and let them know about it.

It can be simple as a smile and a nod. Many leaders at Dave's office write notes to their team members. The few minutes they take to pen the letters equal a year's worth of goodwill. How about a $50 handshake or simply recognizing them in front of their peers? The value is immeasurable. But don't stop there. Let others know about them too. It raises your team up and shows them they are valued. And don't forget about birthdays. Everyone feels good when you recognize them, no matter the age.

The above tips are just a few simple ideas to get you started. They are the first steps to taking your business and your team to the next level. As you build a better and better culture, people will line up to join your team, and customers will be right behind them. Everyone is happy, and leadership becomes what it is supposed to be: satisfying and fun.

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