1 Week Hiring Makeover

1-Week Hiring Makeover

This seven-day email series is your personal crash course for revamping your recruiting and hiring processes so you can start building your dream team.

7-Day Email Lesson Series


Day 1

Attract the right employees (including examples!)

To create a team of amazing team members, you first have to attract the right employees. And that’s starts with something so simple, most small-business owners don’t think about it—a job description.


Day 2

12 Components of a good hire

Look behind the scenes at the process we still use at Ramsey Solutions. The result is a building full of more than 650, super-passionate, hardworking people who love their jobs, and one of the lowest turnover rates in the country.


Day 3

Top interview questions to ask and answers to look for

As the leader you need to know what to ask and how to weigh the responses so that you can make a confident decision. We give you tools and examples for running the perfect interview in your organization.


Day 4

Customize your hiring process with your core values

One wrong hire of someone who is not a cultural fit—no matter how talented they are-- can damage your relationship with clients or customers, bring down other employees’ moral and set the new hire up for failure from the start.


Day 5

Using the DISC Profile System in hiring (plus a surprise bonus)

Are there days at work when you feel more like a referee than a leader? Your team randomly butts heads and it feels like no one is getting along? If yes, know it’s a really common problem for most businesses, big and small. Luckily, it can easily be fixed.


Day 6

How to design compensation plans that fire people up

Coming up with a compensation package for your team can be a tricky thing. As an EntreLeader, you want to be generous with them, showing them how much they’re valued. But you don’t want to overpay them either—then they have no incentive to hit those goals.


Day 7

How to successfully guide new team members through their first 90 days

The process does not end when you hire a new team member. The final step is a proper onboarding process. When done well, you’ll set any new team member up for success and keep them fired up to win.

How to Hire a Rock Star Team

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