Team Growth podcast
Don Yaeger

#185: Don Yaeger—Creating a Championship Team

Whether in business or sports, teams that are winning all have one thing in common: a sense of purpose. Best-selling author Don Yaeger joins us to discuss how you can create one for your employees. Also on tap, we’re sharing one of the most-talked about clips of the new year: Simon Sinek talking about leading millennials. And finally, we dug into the archives for a special clip on teamwork from former NBA coach and current LSU associate coach Brendan Suhr.

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Team Growth podcast
Patrick Lencioni

#155: Patrick Lencioni—The Ideal Team Player

What are the top virtues of a great team player? Best-selling author Patrick Lencioni joins us to talk about the three qualities that every awesome team member exhibits and how to identify, hire, and develop ideal team players in any kind of organization. If you are a small-business owner who’s hiring, a leader, or just a someday-in-the-future entrepreneur, this is the episode for you. 

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Team Growth podcast
Simon Sinek

Podcast Episode 78 - Why Leaders Eat Last with Simon Sinek

How do you create a culture where trust and cooperation are as common as a 10 a.m. coffee break? It's all about great leadership. And on this episode, we're discussing the secret to great leadership with one of the most influential and innovative voices on the subject. Best-selling author Simon Sinek joins podcast host Ken Coleman to discuss how you can get your team to seamlessly work together and accomplish remarkable things.

Team Growth podcast
Marcus Buckingham

Podcast Episode 73 - Put Your Strengths to Work with Marcus Buckingham

As a leader, where should you invest your time in order to get the best ROI for your company? It's all about optimizing strengths. And best-selling author Marcus Buckingham discusses how you can take advantage of what you and your team do best. It's all based on a new research methodology from the man who helped create StrengthsFinder, the personal assessment tool that gave millions of individuals a new vocabulary to positively describe their ingrained talents. It's a conversation you won't want to miss!

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Team Growth podcast
Bryan Currier

Podcast Episode 58 - EntreLeadership Spotlight: Bryan Currier

This week on the Podcast we're shining the spotlight on EntreLeader Bryan Currier, owner of Advantage Technologies, who applied EntreLeadership principles to his company and is achieving great success. Daniel Tardy, Vice President of EntreLeadership, and EntreLeadership Coach John Felkins, are in the studio to listen to the interview and share tips on how you can do the same for your company.

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