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How to Avoid the Hiring Grind With Travis Boersma

We’re talking hiring with Travis Boersma, co-founder of one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.—Dutch Bros. Coffee. Travis employs more than 4,500 team members, all who are crazy passionate about his company. Listen in for his top tips.




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100th Episode Celebration With Dave Ramsey

You’re invited to the party of the year—or at least a party for your ears—because we’re celebrating the EntreLeadership Podcast’s 100th episode. Dave stops by for a really special conversation. To continue the fun, host Ken highlights the top amazing moments from five of our most celebrated guests.




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Another great episode sponsored by our friends at Infusionsoft.

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Ali Brown: Secrets of a Multimillionaire

One of the most successful female entrepreneurs of her generation, Ali Brown joins this week’s podcast to share her story of success, how she helps empower women around the world, and her experience on ABC’s Secret Millionaire. But that’s just the start. EntreLeadership Coach John Felkins stops by the studio to answer your business questions. And we’re talking to business owner ...

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Tom Ziglar: The Keys to Top Performance

How do you know if you and your team members are doing an awesome job? Tom Ziglar, son of the legendary Zig Ziglar, shares his company’s performance formula so you can easily find out. Plus, he’s a Ziglar, so you know you’re going to be inspired!

Special Podcast Bonus: Download Zig's True Performance Pledge.

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Dr. Henry Cloud: 10 Things You'll Never Do Again

Bonus - Dr. Henry Cloud

Bonus - John G. Miller

This is an episode you don’t want to miss! We’re talking with two of the top leadership experts in the country. Psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Henry Cloud joins us to outline 10 common life patterns that sabotage success and the concrete steps you can take to overcome them. And John G. Miller, author of QBQ, stops by to talk about...

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Rabbi Daniel Lapin on Business Secrets From the Bible

One of our favorite guests, best-selling author Rabbi Daniel Lapin, discusses a new way to view and approach success with practical, simple strategies based upon key concepts from the Bible. Plus, we’re talking with Rory Vaden for his insight on procrastination. So don’t delay—listen to this podcast now.

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Another great episode sponsored by our friends at Infusionsoft