Get a real plan to transform your business through an EntreLeadership workshop.

Your business grows when you do.

Take your leadership team through a one-day intensive EntreLeadership Workshop and walk away with a concrete plan to create lasting change. An Executive Coach will help you and your leadership team to apply the EntreLeadership Framework to your business.

The EntreLeadership Framework is a plan built on the principles our founder, Dave Ramsey, has used to win in business for almost 30 years.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Work With an Advisor

    Get to the root of what’s holding your business back and find workshop that will get you the results you need.
  • Pre-Workshop Session

    An Executive Coach will connect with you to outline your business objectives and run through the itinerary for you and your team.
  • Full-Day Workshop

    Your coach will lead you and your team through a full-day working session—you’ll finish with a plan in hand.
  • Follow-Up Check-In

    Your coach will connect with you 30 days after the workshop to help you stay aligned to your goals.

Choose From Three Core Topics:

We’ll build in exercises to help you think critically about your business’s specific challenges, strengths and opportunities.

Company Culture

You'll Walk Away With: A real-world blueprint of how to build a winning workplace culture, where team members act and think like owners. Yep, we’re talking values and processes the EntreLeadership way.

Video Trainings
Video Trainings

Strategic Planning

You'll Walk Away With: Clarity, alignment, team buy-in and a complete strategic plan for the year, with annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals.

Team Communication

You'll Walk Away With: Key Results Areas for your team, a deep understanding of DISC personality styles, a foundation for effective team communication, and a solid game-plan for meetings that produce results.

Video Trainings

What is the EntreLeadership Framework?

A clear path to
winning at business.

We’ve found there are five Stages of Business you go through between getting started and leaving a legacy. Move your business forward through each stage by investing in the six Drivers of Business—six core areas that matter most to your success.

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